Blackpool Transport Services

Demolition of the East Garage on the Blackpool Transport Services was awarded to I&R Demolition Ltd for a new office block and garage extension to be created. The project was part of the site conversion to electric buses which meant altering the existing workshop to suit. As the site was to remain in full operation we had to ensure our works didn’t impact the normal operation of the site. This meant creating our own designated entrance and fenced off compound.

Our works involved stripping existing cladding to the workshop / roller shutter doors / redundant extraction units and M+E. The roof sheets were double layered and insulated so extra care had to be taken when removing, constant monitoring of wind speed and wind direction was carried out as the promenade was only a street away with strong winds coming off the sea. Due to the location of the building exposed to a lot of sea air over the years the steel work on the front elevation had corroded. This meant additional removal of the structure to areas which had corroded beyond repair. The offices and canteen building was demolished to make way for a new two story office and canteen with demolition being carried out with our 20 ton excavator.

Once the building was demolished the existing floor slab and foundations were excavated to allow a piling mat to be installed. The concrete yard at the front of the existing garage building was floor sawn and broken out with the hardcore being removed off site ready for a piling mat to be installed. As access was tight and limited there wasn’t room to crush the hardcore on site so imported 6f2 was used for the pile mats. The project was completed in 4 weeks on time and budget.