Deepdale Mill Street – Preston    

Deepdale Mill Street – Preston  4th Nov 2019

Demolition works at Deepdale Mill Street was awarded to I&R Demolition on behalf of Eric Wright Construction. The old northern light building was to be demolished to make way for a new school building with the demolition and site clearance carried out over a 4 week period.

The project was on a very tight program with only 4 weeks to completely demolish and clear the site. Facing this short time frame we had to ensure that our demolition strategy and management plan was bang on with contingency plans in place for every thinkable delay that could arise.

The building was attached to an existing school which meant additional party wall supports and weather proofing had to be installed prior to demolition. Our traffic management plan had to be adapted for safety reasons during school opening and closing times meaning no site was allowed in or out during this period.

The demolition works were undertaken using 2 demolition excavators fitted with selector grabs and a 3rd brought in to aid in the crushing operation. Once all the demolition and remediation was complete we crushed the hardcore and exported it off site for future.