Oxford Rd, Bootle

Site clearance contract was awarded to I&R Demolition from Tyson Construction as part of a new housing scheme for 20 flats. The 2 week project consisted of demolition to the perimeter walls of the site and small out building. Once this was complete we then using a hydraulic breaker broke out and grubbed up all slabs and foundations grading the site off behind us.

The entire site was proof dug to ensure all foundations had been broke out and removed as leaving these in could cause obstructions in the construction phase. Whilst in the process of grubbing up the slabs we uncovered secondary slabs 2 metres deep which had been filled in and concreted over in the past. This is quite common on buildings and sites that have served more than one use in its lifetime.

Once all the hardcore was broken out it was crushed and recycled on site to 6F2 grade and hauled off to be used on another construction project. After all the hardcore had been removed the site got a final level off leaving the site clean and tidy ready for the construction phase to start.