Sports Direct (Freeport Fleetwood)

I&R Demolition was awarded the contract on behalf of Realm for their client Sports Direct to convert three retail units into one open plan Sports Direct store. This project consisted of three phases, internal strip out of all fixtures and fittings back to structure, strip external features (cladding, lighting, electrical and prep for new) and building work alterations to create new entrances whilst bricking up the old.

The building was made up of three units, two single story and one two story unit with a nightclub on the top floor that had to be stripped whilst maintaining full public access to the rest of the shopping centre and public toilets next door. Due to the buildings location directly on the entrance to the harbour we carried out daily wind speed surveys to ensure external demolition and cladding removal could be conducted without compromising safety on site or to the public with this being on an open Shopping centre.

Most of the internal works was done by hand with the use of MEWPS to demolish the internal structure resulting in over 120 tonnes of material being stripped out. The external of the building has to be re-cladded as part of the new specifications so to remove this we used cherry pickers whistle removing the old lighting and electrical systems at the same time. The old dome which was located on the rear elevation leading up to the nightclub on the second floor was demolished by excavators as the safest and most efficient method for removal and prepared for a new roof.

Time for completion of this project was 10 weeks to allow the clients ample time to fit out the store ready for its grand opening on the 25th of November and establishing its self for the busy Christmas shopping period.