Our wood recycling into renewable energy

As a company we generate thousands of tonnes of waste wood from our demolition projects every year. With this in mind we believe it is very important to ensure our waste management plans that we have in place are fully controlled and suitable to cope with demand. Our solution to ensure 100% of wood waste generated is recycled comes from the Eddie Stobart Biomass division whom we have worked closely with over the years building a good working relationship while giving us the peace of mind that however high the demand it can be met.

With the use of walking floor trailers gives us the ability to dispose of more waste wood per load compared to ordinary RORO skips, 1 load in a walking floor can be up to 4 40yd RORO skips. This enables us to increase our efficiency on site for material disposal while cutting down the amount of traffic entering and leaving site. This is especially ideal when working in a busy residential area helping to reduce impact on local highways and traffic while reducing nuisance to neighbouring residents.

Once material has left site it is transported to one of many Stobart recycling centres across the UK where it is processed into wood fuel. Just one of our typical demolition projects can generate between 200 and 500 tonnes of waste wood in total arising from roof boards and trusses, floor boards and joists to partitioning walls and doors. The additional benefit is that all wood types can be used in the recycling process which saves us time having to process and categorise  the wood waste on site into different grades, so to have Eddie Stobarts on board is a huge part towards enabling us to achieve our recycling targets and reducing our carbon footprint.