New on-board dust suppression system

I&R Demolition Limited recently equipped their new Doosan DX255 excavator with an on-board dust suppression system which was supplied and installed by hydraulic attachment specialist ECY Haulmark.

Our recent decision to utilise an on-board system over more traditional dust suppression systems

came after researching various methods for on site. The on-board setup offered significant benefits and cost savings compared to other traditional dust suppression systems, such as expensive mobile/trailer based units or hosepipes which trail inconveniently across site and are subject to regular damage.

The new on-board system sees a self-contained tank mounted on a frame with a pump system all installed to fit neatly behind the cab of the machine. The tank on the Doosan DX255 can hold 350 litres of water and typically requires refilling every 3-4 days when the machine is active all day. A fine mist can be atomised on demand from the touch of a button in the cab, so water is only being used when required at the exact point of demolition activity. Also the on board system eliminates any need for hoses running across the site to a mains water supply.

The set up incorporates a Dynaset HPW pump installation which converts the hydraulic power of the mobile machine into a high pressure water mist. It is integrated onto the base machine with water hoses connected and installed up to the attachment head or where the dust suppression is needed to get the maximum effect. The system creates an effective high pressure dust control with optimal water consumption. High pressure water uses less water and gives better dust suppression performances with a smaller water drop size than traditional low pressure dust suppression systems.

The Dynaset HPW-DUST patented piston-to-piston pump converts the hydraulic power into high pressure water, which is pumped to the carefully designed dust suppression nozzles which create the atomized water mist. The compact HPW-DUST is easy to install onto any mobile machine. It is suitable for demolition machinery, excavators, screeners and crushers. The nozzles of the HPW-DUST are installed either straight to the attachment head or anywhere dust suppression is needed.