Savick Shops – Preston

I&R Demolition was awarded the contract to demolish the Savick Shops on behalf of CGA as part of a 3 phase regeneration of the area. The demolition formed part of phase 2 and consisted of 9 shops and a library with 14 maisonettes above. The site had been derelict for a number of years and subject to increased vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the area.

The demolition was carried out and completed in a 6 week period with a 6 week pre demolition asbestos removal program carried out prior to demolition works commencing.

The construction on the building was made up of brick maisonettes on top of a concrete frame which made up the 9 shops and library. Demolition was carried out using  2 demolition excavators fitted with selector grabs and concrete pulveriser to break up and separate the concrete / rebar that made up the ground floor shops. All materials were sorted on site into designated skips for recycling with over 100 ton of general waste, 200 ton of wood and the remaining 3000 ton of hardcore material crushed / recycled then exported off site.

Being a busy residential area and the site surrounded by houses we had initial concerns over excess dust emissions from demolition activity. We invested in a new direct dust suppression system fitted to our excavator using the latest technology which utilises a pump powered off the machines hydraulics creating a powerful mist to catch all the dust particles. We installed a 350 litre water tank on the back of the excavator which the system runs off to eliminated running hose pipes across site. We minimised HGV movements as much as possible to ensure minimal disruption is caused to the local area and narrow streets.

The cleared site will be used to build new bunaglows with new library and shop.