Vicarage Gardens – Stockport

This unique project was awarded to I&R Demolition to carry out the part demolition and clearance works at this listed vicarage. The building had been subject to arson and had been derelict for some years leaving the structure in a very vulnerable state.

The proposed plan was to turn this building into 5 flats, as this was a listed building the structure itself had to remain and all the internals removed back to structure. To ensure structural stability of the building throughout the course of the works scaffolding was erected completely around and keyed in for safety with working platforms on each lift.

The first job was to remove all the roofs to assess the internal damage to the building. The existing rosemary roof tiles where stripped and palleted ready for reuse in the new roof with the main trusses and pearlings lifted off safely via crane. We found that in some areas the fire had been that intense it had burnt through and collapsed all 3 floors in some areas leaving partial floors hanging in a dangerous state. The safest way from this point was to use a crane and man basket to clear any remaining debris and checking for any loose brick work around the building as we progressed. Once all loose debris was safely cut away it could be removed from the ground floor into skips and taken off site.

As this was a listed building there was a lot of decorative terracotta around the pitches and chimneys. Some of this terracotta had come loose over time and needed to be carefully removed. We used a cherry picker for the removal process taking photos and measurements of the area documenting everything as we went allowing a smooth reinstatement process. All the internal walls were checks for stability and propped or reduced in height slightly to make safe if required.