Garages – Preston

New client Community Gateway Association awarded the demolition of 91 garages and a council depot across 7 sites in Preston to us ready for construction of new flats and bungalows. The contract was complete in a 4 week period allowing 2-3 days on each site.

The garages varied from site to site some had 7 while other had up to 25. The environment varied on each site to with some being down quiet cul-de sacs while others were located near busy main roads which meant extra careful planning had to be in place.

The demolition was carried out with our 8ton excavator fitted with rotating selector grab. This was particularly handy as most of the sites were very tight to gain access to with anything bigger and the rubber tracks meant it could be tracked on the tarmac without damaging it.

The hardest part of this contract was the logistics which needed to be thoroughly though out with 2-3 day completion on each site. We had to keep the neighbours fully informed and up to date with the demolition dates as some parked cars would need to be moved to allow safe demolition to be carried out. Site setup and disassemble also had to work out perfectly otherwise the program could have potentially been delayed. We carried out the setup by fencing 3 sites off at once, after the first one was complete we moved the skips, welfare and plant to site 2 while the fencing was disassembled and sent to site 4. As the second site was complete and mobilised to site 3 the fencing was sent to site 5. We carried on with this chain system throughout the contract enabling us to complete well within the deadline period and keeping to our 2-3 day target per site on track.